Several ways to attract new customers

Here’s a Few tips you may have forgotten!

Do you offer a guarantee?

If you’re confident in your product or service, consider offering a “satisfaction guarantee”. People will generally feel a more like trying out a new business or service if in fact you offer a written guarantee. It gives customers the reassurance they need to proceed with an order or quote.

Get in the Social Media Game!

Social media has become a major player in marketing in recent years. You should definitely have a presence in Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin or any of the other media outlets.  This is especially true if you do any business mailings in a large metropolitan area. It’s just a great way to increase your visibility to new customers and prospects.

Then there’s the old standby – remember the telephone?

Consider revisiting some of your older customers or prospects. Call some new untapped prospects you’ve been thinking about. A real person can still make an impression in this age of emails, voicemails and the like. Taking the time to touch base via the ole telephone may be well-received.

Support some local charities or organizations

It’s a great way to bring in new customers and introduce your firm and it’s products or service. Sponsoring a local charity event could be as simple as a small monetary donation or offering to sell tickets at your storefront if you have a brick and mortar store. Sponsoring these events will get your name before the public and in the process you’ll be helping a worthy cause.

Do it up “Special”

Customers love a way to save money, maybe it’s a special sale price, or a buy-one get-one offer. Consider giving a free bonus with an opening order. Weather it’s a personalized coffee mug or some other FREE giveaway. Every little bit helps.

Don’t forget customer loyalty can work for you!

Don’t neglect your existing loyal customers by concentrating too heavily on attracting new clients. Existing customers should be pampered a lot! Your existing customers can be a great resource for getting important referral’s. And, never forget to thank a customer for bringing in a new client.

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