How do I self publish a book or booklet?

How do I self publish a book or booklet?

Someone desiring to self publish may already have a manuscript done in Microsoft Word , WordPerfect or even OpenOffice and may have had it copied, just to show friends and acquaintances for input for critiquing. This means you’re probably most of the way there. NOTE: There’s a great link at the end of this article a true Must Read!


You know, if it’s a relatively small book or booklet say less than 100 pages, it’s still fairly reasonably priced to have small quantities (maybe under 500) printed in your own home town. Most respectable printers using high end layout programs like Adobe InDesign and others can take that letter size manuscript and easily reformat (Resize) it to fit any smaller book or booklet style layout. If your publication has photos or illustrations within the content, most local printers will ask you to submit those as separate elements in addition to your base manuscript. The reason for this is, most word processing programs embed the images within the pages. Because the pages are now going to fit a smaller page size, the printer must import those images into his new page size and change the size of illustrations or photos proportionately.


You then will need to decide based on your budget what type of binding you want. Very small publications, say less than 100 pages may be provided in an economical saddle stitched format, where the sheets are folded then stapled in the fold and you can still get a heavy weight full color glossy cover. When they get very much over 100 pages up to maybe 150-500 pages they could be done perfect bound. A perfect bound book has a square spine and the pages are actually glued in to the rigid cover stock. While this is more expensive than saddle stitching it’s still reasonably priced. The final option of course is “hard bound” sometimes called “Case Bound”. Like a library book etc. This will require a lot of additional cost and probably require a minimum quantity of at least 1000 books.


This is a tremendous article full of great information! As someone else suggested this is almost a small book in itself. I’m sure you’re going to find this link really valuable:
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Good luck, all your writers out there!

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