Other Services

Logo Design or Redesign

If you need a new logo just call and give us an idea of what you would like to see or tell us details about your business. Most logos can be done from scratch for between $50 and $100.

Lost your original logo and need it redesigned?
If your original logo was lost or somehow got corrupted, call us and as long as you have at least one clean printed sample we can generally recreate it for between $35 and $75.

Website Design:

Need a web presence? We can create a BASIC website from scratch for around $200-$300. This includes purchasing a  domain, a web hosting service and providing the 4 basic component pages such as a “Home Page”, “Contact Page” (with map), “About Page” and a basic “Product” OR “Services” page.
This is Important!
We work is WordPress. It is one of the finest website design tools in the world. Why is this important? WordPress is an “open source” web development  tool. Open source meaning, if you’re not happy with my design or service, you can turn it over to “anyone” else.  In other words, you’re not tied to my service. I never have my foot “on your throat”, like so may others found out way way too late!
SEO and website maintenance:
We offer SEO services. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. This helps you get found easier on the worlds search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp….the list goes on forever.  Along with that, we can provide ongoing website maintenance, adding new products, services, or blogs (posts). We can provide all this for about $150 per month for small businesses.

Database Design & Maintenance:

We offer database design services for tasks from simple mailing list maintenance to customized database solutions that handle your products, inventory, sales, billing, and more. Call for detailed information. This service is ideal for the small company with maybe 5 to 15 employees.